TQCSI understands the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and is committed to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information collected. This Privacy Policy applies to TQSCI Certification Private Limited. Specifically:

Collection - Personal information is only collected to ensure appropriate contact with TQCSI clients for certification services

Use and disclosure - information will only be used to facilitate the respective training, auditing or certification services; no information will be disclosed to any third party without prior approval

Data quality - we will ensure any data collected will be accurate, complete and current Data security - we will protect data from misuse, loss or unauthorised use

Openness - the type of information collected is openly available to anyone

Access and correction - we encourage personal information to be regularly updated and personal information collected to be available to the individual concerned

Anonymity - it is impracticable for individuals to remain anonymous

Sensitive information - sensitive information is not collected.


Browse our website for more information about TQCSI Certification Private Limited. If you have any questions of would like to speak with a TQCSI Certification Private Limited representative regarding our services:

Please email us at info@tqcsi.com.sg or call us at (65) 6659 1463.